Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Peek-A-Boo Boobie cake with black ruffle bra tutorial

Peek-A-Boo Boobie cake with black ruffle bra tutorial:
I used 2 half sphere pans shown above. Bake your cake and then let cool. Place them in position on cake board. Then coat with butter cream and place in icebox for about 1hour to chill
take cake out of icebox, roll out ivory fondant or whatever flesh color you want to use.
Cover your cake with your fondant. Trim edges and smooth with hands.
Make sure you press into the top between your 2 cake so you get the "v" shape (cleavage).
next roll out black fondant big enough to cover part of one side of the breast. Cut a straight line on one side of the black fondant.
Brush bottom half of breast with edible glue. Place the straight edge along one side of the breast. Trim excess and smooth with hands.
Now do the same thing for the other side.
Take a small circle cutter for the nipples.

Attach nipples on cake with edible glue and take a tool with a point  or toothpick and poke little holes for the spots around the nipple.
Now cut a long strip of red fondant. This is to make the ruffles of the bra
fold and pinch the bottom of the fondant to form the ruffles.
looks like this as your working the folds
Here's another look
Now cut off all the extra fondant on the bottom half of your ruffles
Run edible glue along the edge of the black fondant. Now attach your ruffles on both sides of your bra.
I have a string of pearls mold so I just use this for the trim of the bra. But if you don't have a mold like this you can just roll little balls of black fondant for the trim.

Now attach your pearls along the edges. Once you attach your pearls on all your edges make a little ruffle pom pom for the center of your bra. The ruffle pom pom is made the same way as the ruffles for the trim but
 you are just bunching them together to form a circular pattern. Attach it with edible glue.

There you go!!!!  
Liz @ Cakery Creation
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

3D Soccer Ball Cake Tutorial by Liz Huber @ Cakery Creation Palm Coast/St. Augustine, Daytona beach cakes

3D Soccer Ball Cake:
Here are my 2 halves filled and ready for a coat of buttercream. Coat the cake with a layer of butter cream and then place cake in the icebox to chill a little. While your cake is chilling start your cake board.

Cover the cake board with green fondant. Next roll a log shaped green fondant piece and attach it to the covered cake board in a circular shape like in the picture.Attach this piece with edible glue. This is where the ball cake will rest and stay in place.

Next you can use either of these tools to give a grass effect. If you use the tip lightly prick the fondant surface of your cake board then flicking in an upward motion. If you use the brush then lightly press it into the fondant rolling over the whole surface.

This what your cake board should look like after adding the desired grass effect.
I airbrushed mine a little with a darker green but you don't have to.

Now place your chilled soccer ball into the dwelling on top of the cake board. This will keep your ball from moving.

Moving on to decorating the soccer ball.
I didnt want to make a template and hand cut all the hexagons & pentagons so I had design custom cutters for me. We calculated the exact size I needed for this specific sphere. These cutters were a huge time saver.

Next you are going to use black and white fondant.  Start cutting your pieces out. I only cut out 1 black and 5 white at a time. I placed a black pentagon and then 5 white hexagons around the black. Add stitch marks around each piece. Start your pattern on the front side of the cake.

Here is another look at the pattern.
It's like a puzzle. Just keep adding the black with white around the whole ball. Now use a moist cloth and lightly dust off any powdered sugar on the surface of your cake.
The name plate on the cake board was cut with a pizza cutter. I used alphabet stamps to imprint the name then brushed on a little green edible paint over each letter.
There you go! Enjoy! 
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

3D cartoon police car tutorial by Liz Huber @ Cakery Creation in Palm Coast/St. Augustine

I was given a bunch of existing cake pictures and asked to take a little something from each cake and merge them all into one cake topper and this was the cute outcome.

3D cartoon police car tutorial
Mold the size of a basic car shape with RKT.
Take a circle cutter lightly press into the RT about 1/2". Then take a knife and cut it out.

Cover in modeling chocolate
Cover in fondant or gumpaste. Smooth.

Take the same circle cutter used earlier and cut out the fondant in the wheel wells. After removing use a ball tool smooth the edges.

Roll out black or navy fondant and place on the front and back of the the car.
Front image of the car with navy fondant

Roll out black gumpaste about 1/2" to 3/4" thick. Using the same sized circle cutter from earlier cut out 4 tires. Take a smaller circle cutter and cut into the center of the tire(just a little, not all the way through. Take a ball tool and lightly press into this smaller circle.

Cut out a small circle for the rim of the tire.I used a small ball tool a needle to add a little detail to the rim.

Now add a little edible glue to the backside of your tires and place them in the cutouts of the car. They should fit nice and snug.

Now measure the size windshield you need. Cut out a black piece of fondant and then a slightly small piece of white or grey fondant and place them on the front of the car.  Side note: Do not add the smile at this time. I should have waited until I added my headlights.

Cut out 2 small circle for the cars eyes and then 2 smaller white ones.

Now measure the top of the car to see how wide you need to make the red and blue light. Each piece was done separately them gumpaste glued together.
I cut out a #1 and 2 small stars and added them to the back of the car. Cut out 2 long this strips for the bumpers.
Here is when you will add the headlights and then roll out a long piece of white gumpaste/fondant for the smile and for the door outline. I also rolled a small black fondant ball and covered one side of it with white for the spotlight. Roll out a black long tube for the window outline and door handles.
Here is the template I made of the side windows

Here is the template I made for the back window
Cut out 2 rectangular red pieces of the lights in the back. Now use an impression tool to add detail to the lights. The car is ready to be painted. I added silver shimmer to the back lights, rims, bumpers and side/back windows. Gold shimmer to the headlights and spot light. You can add the word police to the sides of the car. I added a specific departments logo due to the clients request.

There you go! Enjoy! 
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