Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Peek-A-Boo Boobie cake with black ruffle bra tutorial

Peek-A-Boo Boobie cake with black ruffle bra tutorial:
I used 2 half sphere pans shown above. Bake your cake and then let cool. Place them in position on cake board. Then coat with butter cream and place in icebox for about 1hour to chill
take cake out of icebox, roll out ivory fondant or whatever flesh color you want to use.
Cover your cake with your fondant. Trim edges and smooth with hands.
Make sure you press into the top between your 2 cake so you get the "v" shape (cleavage).
next roll out black fondant big enough to cover part of one side of the breast. Cut a straight line on one side of the black fondant.
Brush bottom half of breast with edible glue. Place the straight edge along one side of the breast. Trim excess and smooth with hands.
Now do the same thing for the other side.
Take a small circle cutter for the nipples.

Attach nipples on cake with edible glue and take a tool with a point  or toothpick and poke little holes for the spots around the nipple.
Now cut a long strip of red fondant. This is to make the ruffles of the bra
fold and pinch the bottom of the fondant to form the ruffles.
looks like this as your working the folds
Here's another look
Now cut off all the extra fondant on the bottom half of your ruffles
Run edible glue along the edge of the black fondant. Now attach your ruffles on both sides of your bra.
I have a string of pearls mold so I just use this for the trim of the bra. But if you don't have a mold like this you can just roll little balls of black fondant for the trim.

Now attach your pearls along the edges. Once you attach your pearls on all your edges make a little ruffle pom pom for the center of your bra. The ruffle pom pom is made the same way as the ruffles for the trim but
 you are just bunching them together to form a circular pattern. Attach it with edible glue.

There you go!!!!  
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